4 Ways Practice U Is More Than, Just About The Clothes

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When it comes to kids’ athletic wear, there are many choices out there. Some larger brands have slogans that everyone knows, while others have products that are always hot items during the holidays. However, at Practice U, we are more than, just about a clothing brand. We are about the message of encouraging children, tweens, teens, and young adults to embrace the idea that practice builds awareness, confidence, self-esteem, and success.


The Power of Practice

One thing we truly believe in is that the more I practice, the better I become. This isn’t just true in sports or the arts— it applies also from classwork to home work, from home teaching to all aspects of life. One of the side effects of the more I practice is the more I gradually become proactive and organized. This practice power has a way of rewarding our work ethic.

Inspire Self-Improvement

One tagline at Practice U is “Master a Higher Degree of Self.” It’s on all of our apparel and accessories to remind our children, tweens, teens, young adults and beyond to practice the very best of who they are and to move towards self-improvement. By understanding our tagline, a young person can accomplish wonderful things within themselves as they start maturing mentally and become emotionally wiser from their life experiences. They’ll know how to engage with the world around them better in positive ways as they master a higher degree of self.

High MVP Character

Whenever a kid puts on one of our jackets or t-shirts, we believe our brand inspires our youth to focus. More than that, we want our apparel to inspire them to have what we call the “High MVP Character.” Our MVP stands for Morals, Values, and Principles. These three work as a team. Together they guide a young person’s conscience and mentors their decision-making. It makes him or her a better teammate, classmate, friend, and family member, especially when they are challenged to speak up and stand up for what is right, no matter the situation.

Clean Nutrition, Health and Fitness

Clean nutrition, health and fitness should be a part of every young person’s life, especially if one is interested in sports, dance, skateboarding or any other physical activity. It’s important for kids to be active, and enjoy promoting a healthy lifestyle  within their small or large community. When a kid eats well, and expends energy doing something they love, healthy nutrition can have a profound impact on other aspects of their lives, such as intense concentration.


At Practice U, our clothing brand is more than, just about the clothes. Our kids’ apparel and accessories are designed to inspire and encourage young people to understand the importance of practice, repetition, preparation, and rehearsal. This is what is required to grow from saying “I can’t” to “I can.” 

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