About Us

When wearing the Practice U brand, it is encouraging to know that we thought about you and saw it fitting to have an apparel that inspires and motivates us, our children, teens, and young adults to present the very best of who they are when pursuing their dreams and goals. Using their education with their talent and motivation to sharpen their athletic ability, creativity, or humanitarian endeavors is a great beginning. However, to reach their goals, it will require them to practice, prepare, and rehearse their way to success because practice builds confidence, self-esteem, and leads to the success that is earned. That being said, our apparel represents that practiced hard work that leads to moving towards self-improvement”.

Our tagline “Master a Higher Degree of Self” speaks to the development of our inner self, the quality of our thinking, and decision-making that makes up who we are on the inside. When we practice thinking before we speak, act and/or react it reflects our level of maturity and patience that leads to wisdom. Oftentimes, our children, teens, and young adults are negatively impacted by undisciplined minds who don't think before they speak, act, and/or react. Consequently, our young people copy those undisciplined influencers displayed on multimedia and learn to believe that is how one becomes successful and recognized. At Practice U we believe when young people see thinking adults presenting the best of who they are in the public's eye and in their private circles, they learn how to speak with intelligence, practice healthy habits, handle their situations with wisdom, class, and dignity, the opposite of greed, foolishness, and profanity.  The hope is when they learn from living examples how to master a higher degree of self, they will also learn how their disciplined thinking makes them look sexy better yet intellectually appealing. Over time our young people become great Prac-ti-co-lo-gist passing down the legacy of the Practice U brand. 

It will however require staying focused and avoiding some major distractions.  Read more...