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About Us

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Thank you so much for visiting our page to learn more about us. We hope you agree that it's encouraging to know we thought about you and saw it fitting to have an apparel that inspires and motivates us to present the very best of who we are when pursuing our dreams, goals, and overcoming a few struggles from time to time. When we use our education and talent to improve our circumstances, athletic ability, creativity, humanitarian endeavors, or health and fitness lifestyle, we tend to feel encouraged when we see and feel the evidence of our consistent work. The key, however, is to first get educated to inspire our motivation, stay away from distractions as we practice, prepare, and rehearse our way towards our end goal. It is through daily repetition that we gradually build up our confidence, self-esteem, dreams, routines, and an appreciation of earning our success. One of the outcomes in practicing a lot is it becomes automatic. The more I practice, the more I gradually become better, proactive, organized and so much more. That being said, our Practice U apparel and accessories ultimately represents staying focused on moving towards self-improvement”.

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Our tagline “Master a Higher Degree of Self” speaks to our inner-self, meaning the mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of our growth and development. It addresses the quality of our thinking and decision-making that reveals who we are on the inside. To Master a Higher Degree of Self requires internal work and encouragement. This is especially true when our character is tested or challenged. Sometimes during those moments, we're not at our best and we fall short. For young minds such as our tweens, teens and young adults 18-30, it's extremely challenging because they're not equipped with enough wisdom and self-discipline. They're just starting out in life, sensitive, impatient, stubborn, ignoring consequences, bragging and so easily influenced for 2 reasons. One, there's not enough life experiences within them to make wise decisions. Two, the brain isn't fully developed until after age 25. This explains why tweens, teens and young adults 18-30 copy what they see and hear all the time, ranging from bad language to unhealthy habits, such as eating junk food, drinking, smoking and living the wild life. To make matters worse, they continue to copy and practice the negative lifestyles they learn from watching TV, the music industry, and social media. When young minds grow up on such material, they speak it as well. From that form of teaching many believe the aggressive arrogant attitude is the way we talk to one another or treat each other in order to establish respect, strength, and power. From there, they take it to the next level including with the way they dress or half dress, making society shake their head and ask how did we get here and why is it always our people? In the end, it hurts an individual's progress in Mastering a Higher Degree of Self. When we, as a people, have life experiences that teaches us to practice thinking before we speak, act and/or react, it reflects our level of awareness, maturity and patience that leads to wisdom and success. To get there, we have to make up in our own mind to invest into ourselves. We have to self-reflect, think, read and research material that encourages us to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We have to be willing to listen to counsel, allow ourselves to be mentored and exercise patience. We have to apologize to people we have wounded in our relationships from the heart, not from the head, Saying, "I'm sorry"  requires explaining why the apology, an opportunity to go into details expressing the depth of your apology. This is also a part of Mastering a Higher Degree of Self thinking. For some it will require learning how to let go of the bad habits and bad friends. That takes time because in life, there's taught sense and bought sense. Another way of saying this is, "Experience is the best teacher, but the tuition is high", meaning I have to pay the price for not moving towards self-improvement. Eventually one day, we begin to focus on self-care, growing up, maturing, and understanding the power of practice work. It is from the practice work young tweens, teens, and young adults 18-30 develop a strong work ethic that empowers them to excel in their academics, athletics, the arts, and rebound from an injury and/or setbacks in life.

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You see, at Practice U we believe that when we surround ourselves with mature people presenting the very best of who they are in the public's eye and in their private circles, it has the power of influencing young minds to learn how to speak with intelligence, practice healthy habits, handle relationships with wisdom, class and dignity, not with greed, foolishness, and profanity. Profanity is never necessary for any person who understands what it means to Master a Higher Degree of Self. To get there we have to be taught how to be poised with self-control and practice healthy social norms or codes of conduct in our society relying on morals, values, and principles to speak to us about doing life the right way. At Practice U we call morals, values and principles, the high MVP character that guides our conscience and mentors our decision-making. It challenges and reminds us to never betray our personal boundaries, to stay inside the right lane, to speak up for what is right and teach others to do the same. We learn over time, when we take full responsibility, we don't go into making more excuses, blaming others or getting sucked into other people's nonsense, because self-respect is what defines our character and reminds us to maintain the best of who we are. Gradually we become stronger, more mature, self-aware, proactive, polished, and an example of what it means to be a great Prac-ti-co-lo-gist passing down the legacy of being our best and always representing the awesome reputable brand of Practice U.

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We hope that when you purchase our apparel and accessories, you will enjoy inspiring yourself and others to take care of themselves health-wise mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Get educated, stay focused, and continue to invest in yourself through reading books pertaining to your dreams and goals to help you rise above the distractions. Speak up for what is right and keep moving towards self-improvement. Practice U, “the very best of you” so that you’ll be able to Master a Higher Degree of Self.

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About the Founder and CEO 

Our company was built on the foundational thought that practicing your craft using your education, talents and self-motivation can take a person to greater heights. Mr. Troy Smith founded the concept of Practice U in the summer of 2008. It originated from writing an affirmation/poem to inspire his 5th grade students in the 20th year of his 26 years of teaching at "RADIANT" John Ritter Elementary school, inside the up-and-coming black and brown community of Watts, California. The affirmation was simply titled, “The More I Practice, Practice, Practice”. His affirmation impacted the entire school from PreK to the 5th grade causing the students to believe in the power of positive practice. Chanting the affirmation/poem at the weekly schoolwide Monday morning assemblies led the students in grades 2, 3, 4, and 5 to successfully improve their California Standardized Test (CST) scores annually. However, it was the 5th grade students that stood out the most, excelling 5 years in a row exponentially in language arts, math, and science from 2009 to 2013. As they took the message to heart and held themselves accountable, they felt good inside reflecting on their sacrificed time to study, read, write, learn to describe and explain the how and why in language arts, math, science, and history. Using their critical thinking skills in every subject, they found themselves gradually maturing academically. Eventually, it was from that historical success that led to the birth of the Practice U website and business. In 2018, the affirmation was upgraded to a video serving as the inspirational universal theme song for Practice U. We hope you enjoy the video message and again thank you for visiting our page to learn more about us.