About Us

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Thank you so much for visiting our page to learn more about us. We hope you agree that it's encouraging to know we thought about you and saw it fitting to have an apparel that inspires and motivates us to present the very best of who we are when pursuing our dreams, goals, and overcoming a few struggles from time to time. The key, however, is to first get educated to inspire my motivation, then practice, prepare, and repeat as much as I can each day of the week. It is through that daily or weekly repetition that gradually builds up our routine, self-esteem, and confidence. Over time it becomes easier and hopefully a habit. Just like the words from our theme song, the more I practice, practice, practice, the better I become, the better I become.  I gradually become more aware, focused on the details, proactive, organized and so much more. Ultimately, the Practice U brand  stands for  “keep moving towards self-improvement”.

Our tagline “Master a Higher Degree of Self” speaks to our inner-self, meaning the quality of our thinking and decision-making that reveals who we are on the inside. To Master a Higher Degree of Self requires internal work and encouragement. This is especially true when our character is going through a test  or being challenged in all areas of life. From elementary school to tweens, teens, and  young adult years ages 18 – 30, the challenges continue until one decides to want to do better. 

For some it will require learning how to let go of bad habits and bad friends. That takes time because in life, there's taught sense and bought sense. When parents and teachers teach their children, they either listen and follow the teachings or learn the hard way. Another way of saying this is, "Experience is the best teacher, but the tuition is high", meaning I have to pay the price for not listening. This is why I think before I speak, act or react. Eventually one day, we begin to focus on self-care, growing up, maturing, and understanding the power of positive practice. It is from the practice work young tweens, teens, and young adults 18-30 develop a strong work ethic that empowers them to excel in their academics, athletics, the arts, rebound from an injury and/or setbacks in life.

At Practice U we believe when we surround ourselves with mature people presenting the very best of who they are in their private and public life, on and off camera, it has the power of teaching us how to do the same. For example, how to express oneself and talk to people without insulting a person and saying, I was just playing".

Why it's important to practice clean nutrition eating more fruits and vegetables daily, drinking water daily to help prevent high blood pressure, sugar diabetes, high cholesterol and other food related diseases developed from eating fast food and processed food.

How to build healthy relationships with wisdom, class, and dignity, not with greed, foolishness, and profanity. Profanity is never necessary for any person who understands what it means to Master a Higher Degree of Self. Such teachings as this falls under the concepts of morals, values, principles, social norms and ethical behavior. After all kids are watching, listening and learning from what they see and hear repeatedly.

Being taught about morals, values, principles, and ethical behavior, is a great beginning point in moving towards self-improvement. At Practice U we call morals, values and principles, that high MVP credibility that guides our conscience and mentors our decision-making. These 3 components, work together as a team reminding us no matter how successful one may become the real you is evaluated based on your MVP credit. From rich people and super stars to the struggling working class people, we should never betray our MVP teachings. Stay on the side of right, speak up for what is right and teach others to do the same. We learn over time, when we take full responsibility, we don't make excuses, blame others or get distracted and caught up into other people's nonsense, because self-respect is what defines our character. Gradually we become more mature, self-aware, proactive, thoughtful and an example of what it means to be a great Prac-ti-co-lo-gist passing down the legacy of presenting the best of who we are. In doing so, we find ourselves representing the awesome reputable brand of Practice U.

We hope that when you purchase our apparel and accessories, you will enjoy inspiring yourself and others to take care of themselves health-wise, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Get educated, stay focused, and continue to invest yourself into reading books pertaining to your dreams and goals. Rise above the distractions, keep moving towards self-improvement and let your body of work do all the talking. Practice U, “the very best of you” so that you’ll be able to Master a Higher Degree of Self.

About the Founder and CEO 

Mr. Smith introduced to his 5th grade students on the first day of school his poem and affirmation in the summer of 2008. He was in his 20th year of his 26 years of teaching at "RADIANT" John Ritter Elementary school, inside the community of Watts, California. His affirmation was laser focused and designed to inspire his 5th grade students for the entire year. The affirmation was simply titled, “The More I Practice, Practice, Practice”. Gradually the affirmation grew. It had a tremendous and extraordinary impact throughout the entire school from PreK to the 5th grade causing students to believe in the power of positive practice, staying focused,  studying, and completing their homework regularly. Chanting the poem at the weekly schoolwide Monday morning assemblies led the students in grades 2, 3, 4, and 5 to improve their annual California Standardized Test (CST) scores. However, it was the 5th grade students that stood out the most, excelling 5 years in a row exponentially in language arts, math, and science from 2008 to 2013. He called his student in the community of Watts, the undiscovered treasures in the greater Los Angeles community.

Mr. Smith's teaching routine was simple. He taught with purpose, focusing on the how and why in each subject, daily. As the teaching became more intense with more details in each subject, he gave his students time to study for their practice test on Wednesdays in language arts one week, math the next week, science the following week, and American history the final week to keep them engaged and prepared for the real test on Fridays or Mondays, pending on if the kids needed extra time to study. On Thursdays, Mr. Smith would return the test results to each student, discussed with them in small groups their results and showed each student what they needed to study for homework to give his students a 2nd chance to succeed on the Friday or Monday’s exam. As each student took the message to heart to practice, they began to feel the results of their hard work, completing homework, and making passing grades in the classroom. They eventually began to recognize their mistakes and hold themselves accountable. They understood the benefits of sacrificing their time to study, read, and write. Over time, their paragraph writing enhanced their communication skills. Critical thinking skills knowing the “How and Why” gradually improved. By the end of the school year from 2008 to 2009, the students were ready to take the annual CST. The class of 2009, results were encouraging. The next set of 5th graders class of 2010 went through the same intense teaching. They did better.  The following year, the class of 2011, excelled higher than the class of 2010. The class of 2012 performed better than the class of 2011. And the class of 2013 results increased a little bit more than the class of 2012.  In all 5 years, the students excelled in language arts, math, and science. It was from that 5 years of historical success that led to the birth of of the company, Practice U in 2013. In 2018, the original affirmation that started it all was upgraded to a video serving as the inspirational universal theme song for Practice U. And that my friend, is how it all began. We hope you enjoy the video message and thank you for visiting our page to learn more about us.