About Us

Distractions are the biggest obstacle in our lives, designed to break our focus and slowly take us away from our dreams, goals, and living life the right way. Common distractions such as phones, money, and video games are just a few examples. Other examples are toxic relationships, impatience, greed, pride, ignorance, and arrogance. These distractions require a great deal of self-discipline, teaching and reteaching. When self-discipline is learned and improved, it leads us to the admirable level of self-respect, and respect from our family, friends, followers and some of our enemies. A strategy that helps us to maintain our self-disciplined behavior is to think about the consequences of our words, behavior or actions and reactions. To get there we have to stand on the strong ethical foundation of our social norms or codes of conduct such as morals, values, and principles. Our codes of conduct are like mentors guiding our conscious.  At Practice U we call this guiding force that mentors our morals, values and principles, the high MVP character of our decision-making learned as a child, teen, and young adult. Our MVP becomes the animated character that acts out our beliefs and forces us to do what is right when tested or tempted. Making it personal, it is absolutely imperative that I take a stand to honor and represent my MVP teachings and mentor. This is what defines my character and guides my conscious. It also challenges me to never cross over my MVP boundaries, to stay inside the right lane and teach others to do the same.

In short, we hope when wearing the Practice U brand, you will enjoy inspiring yourself and others to move towards self-improvement, rise above the distractions and continue to Practice U, “the very best of you” so that you’ll be able to Master a Higher Degree of Self.

About the Educator, Founder, and CEO 

Our company was built on the foundational thought that practicing your craft using your education, with your talents, and motivation can take a person to greater heights. Mr. Troy Smith founded the concept of Practice U in the summer of 2008. It originated from writing an affirmation/poem to inspire his 5th grade students in the 20th year of his 26 years of teaching at "RADIANT" John Ritter Elementary school, inside the up-and-coming community of Watts, California. The affirmation was simply titled, “The More I Practice, Practice, Practice”. In 2018, the affirmation was upgraded to a video serving as the inspirational universal theme song for Practice U.