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Welcome to the Practice U brand for youth attending elementary to middle school in America and beyond. Our mission is to inspire our youth to present the very best of who they are and keep moving towards self-improvement. To accomplish this will require repetitive practice, preparation, and rehearsal to transform themselves from saying “I can’t” to “I can”. Wearing our apparel reminds our youth to progressively challenge themselves and stay focused. Practice U, “the very best of you”, so that you’ll be able to Master a Higher Degree of Self, one day at a time.

Practice is the Difference Maker

Practice is a life skill; the key to mastering new skills and healthy habits. As our children grow into their preteen years, they will need to practice self-discipline as a new life skill. Self-discipline will help them in tough moments when they have to choose wisely. If not, then they’ll learn that experience is the best teacher, but the tuition is high. Another way of stating that expression is, there’s taught sense and bought sense, meaning our preteen may learn better when they have to pay the price of their decision-making. Because self-discipline takes time, patience, and wisdom to comprehend, wearing the Practice U brand can be used as that reminder to stay focused and avoid the distractions. The end goal is that we all learn, over time, why practice is the difference maker between success and failure. It is the building block of our growth and development, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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Practice U is a great brand to add to your child’s wardrobe, serving as a reminder to work hard and strive to always practice presenting the very best of who they are. We offer bulk orders at a 10% discount for teams, clubs, and many other groups. Look through our collection of colorful hoodies, crewnecks and t-shirts and decide when you’re ready to order. Have any questions? Feel free to contact our team today! We’re always happy to hear from our customers.

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