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Colorful t-shirts, moisture-wick poly t-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, sports bags, backpacks and caps to inspire our children, tweens, and teens

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It's time to Practice Up with Practice U and keep moving towards self-improvement. To get there I have to practice, prepare, and repeat as much as I can each day of the week. This, is why I practice.

Consistent Practice is the Difference Maker

When consistent practice grows into a routine, it leads to muscle memory, automaticity, and self-discipline in many areas of a child’s life. It’s self-rewarding and it’s the type of work that pushes our children to keep moving towards self-improvement. Once our children see the results of their work, they smile, laugh, and play with joy because they feel the success from their time invested into their work. From making A’s and B’s, to presenting a speech, gaining muscle or losing weight, it all starts with a willingness of the mind to practice and stay focused. Practice is the difference-maker. That’s why wearing the Practice U brand is such a powerful asset to add to your child's wardrobe. It encourages our children to rise above the distractions and let their body of work do all the talking.

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Give Someone Special The GOET

The Gift Of EncouragmenT to inspire your loved one to keep moving towards self-improvement because practice builds self-esteem, routines, confidence, and dreams.

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