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Master a Higher Degree of Self

Welcome to the Practice U brand, the essential apparel to add to your wardrobe and wear on your life’s journey. Designed to inspire and motivate everyone from school kids to adults to active senior citizens living a disciplined lifestyle. We believe wearing our brand represents the quiet inner you extremely well, as you focus on moving from self-examination to self-improvement and putting an end to saying, “I can’t”.

PRACTICE U, “The Very Best of You”, so that you’ll be able to Master A Higher Degree of Self, one day at a time.

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Our Mission


Wear the Brand That Reminds U To Be Great

Wear the Brand That Reminds U To Be Great

Practice U, The Very Best Of You

In the School of Life, a prac-ti-co-lo-gist is a person who consistently displays a positive presentation of his or herself in the public's eye and in their private setting.

A field of study that requires me to learn how to move from my old, negative bad habits to newly improved, positive good habits.

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