The Relationship Between Self-Improvement to Your Personal Brand and Image

Are you a medical doctor, photographer, graphic designer, football coach or digital marketer? Whatever brand you are, you need to maintain and uphold it, at all costs. Self-improvement is one of the ingredients of a solid personal brand.

You have to start from the ground up. Build your personal attributes first, and then your colleagues, clients and associates will respect you. Think of your brand as a news reporter spends hours compiling a report and ensuring accuracy before publication.

  1. Build a Portfolio

Many people are interested in the services of your industry. But you must showcase your talent, genius and unique ability. Luckily, there are so many formats of recording, preserving and maintaining a professional portfolio. E-books and explainer videos are examples.

Are you a real estate lawyer who wants to impress a large realty conglomerate? Show them a portfolio of past work. While at it, project a confident and likeable character. If not sure how, rehearse for the presentation. Predict probable questions and have ready answers.

  1. Think, Work and Play Accordingly

Improve your self-image in the public’s eyes. You do not want to be seen drinking cheap beer at local dens. Instead, mingle with people in high places and keep the acceptable demeanor in those interactions. An eagle never hangs out with the chicken; it soars high.

The Harvard Business Review encourages you to connect with people who matter. This does not mean abandoning all your friends. It simply motivates you to create connections that lead to higher places. When you are comfortable, seek to rise to the next professional level.

  1. Study and Learn Everyday

Self-improvement is not an event, but an unending campaign. You have to drive yourself toward seeking new knowledge and putting it into practice. With the age of technology, you cannot afford to give the old excuse of time and lack of resources.

Take free or affordable online courses from the comfort of your home or office. You will build your self-worth by reading short yet valuable resources from thought leaders in your industry. More importantly, practice new learnings until you perfect them.

  1. Develop a Different Narrative

How many wedding photographers are there in New York? Perhaps hundreds. The one who sells his services better will close more deals. Discover the hidden unique selling points you possess and hammer these in the heads of potential clients.

You do not have to be the appointed photographer at the royal wedding. However, you must stand out from the crowd if you are to survive in the crowded and often saturated industries. The Business News Daily, a respectable news outlet helps you with building your brand.

  1. Market Your Brand Online

Have you ever Googled yourself? What results did you discover? Take time to identify what information about you is already out there. Learn what people say about you or your company and then devise a smart online campaign.

From social media to your personal websites and third-party listings, seek to inject fresh information about yourself. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, delete old, distasteful pictures, videos and content that might hurt your brand or image.


In short, you must value the importance of building a personal brand of who you are. The development of your image begins now with you putting in the work on your self-improvement journey. Be consistent and passionate about improving yourself. Conduct surveys to understand what people think about you and then take actionable steps with this information.