Is Meditation the Key to Self-Improvement?

We all want to be smarter, better, and faster. To achieve all of this we have to improve ourselves through discipline and hard work. It is all a process, a never-ending battle between us, and well… us. We are constantly fighting against our primitive reptilian brain and all of the negative thoughts invading our minds 24/7. You have to consciously keep yourself on the path of motivation and remove these toxic thoughts. Your instinct will always keep you away from the changes you have to apply in your life. After all, this is its purpose – to maintain a safe environment where you feel comfortable and there is nothing threatening. If you want to come out of your comfort zone, your brain will send impulses and make you feel anxious, stressed, and even overwhelmed. It is all a part of a heritage from the times when our ancestors relied on their instinct to survive.

When we want to do something different, that will help us improve, we will always face resistance. Its source could be internal (our thoughts and the way we think about something), or external – family, friends, haters, or just “common sense”. To overcome this challenge we have to realize that there is nothing we have to be afraid of. We usually fear mistakes and what can they lead to. But the truth is that failure is inevitable and it is a part of a process that leads to success. We have to be able to silence these voices in our heads saying we have to give up from our dreams and to be happy with what we already have.

But this is far from the true nature of the human. We have so much potential in us, and we can do so much with it. Just like Howard Roark (the main character from the Ayn Rand novel “ The Fountainhead” ), we have the power to overcome any obstacle in front of us. And it is all in our heads.

With all the noise that surrounds us, both from inside and outside, we need a tool to help us shut it down. There is no doubt we have to detach ourselves from everything and take some time thinking about what is truly important and how we can realize it. Critical thinking, without any redundant emotions, will help us figure out how to achieve our goals and stay calm.

Meditation may be quite helpful in our efforts to fulfill the goals we set and foster the habits that will make us successful. Through meditation, we are going to silence the mind and increase our self-control. There are somewhere around 50,000 thoughts going through our minds on a daily basis. They can lead to confusion and cause our failure to focus.

There are different versions of meditation – some are based on concentration and focus toward some thought or object, others are all about “follow the places your mind will take you over”.

The best time to meditate is first thing in the morning. This is probably one of the best ways to start your day. Through meditation, you will focus your mind towards your goals, stay calm, and silence all the negative talk coming from your mind.

You can sit in a chair, with open or closed eyes, in silence or listening to nice, calming music (classic or enigmatic). You have to feel comfortable and take the maximum of this experience.

Meditation has been used for centuries in different forms by many of the big religions. It can be beneficial for your sleep, concentration, and blood pressure. This tool will calm you and prepare you for your quest for success, so don’t hesitate to use it.