How Practice U Appeals to the Quiet Inner You

At Practice U, we make essential athletic apparel and accessories to stimulate your mind, body, and soul to Master a Higher Degree of Self. Our clothing is designed to motivate you to focus on the journey, get the most out of your practice-time, and help you foster the “Quiet Inner You” that leads to turning self-examination into self-improvement. Read on to learn more about how Practice U athletic apparel appeals to the Quiet Inner You, and shop our collections today!
Fit woman doing push ups working out on the streets doing pushups on the floor and looking at the camera.

Physical - Working Out and Improving the Physical You

Taking care of your body and increasing your athletic prowess happens one step at a time. It’s not always easy to show up and work on your game, but it’s the only thing that keeps you moving forward towards your goals. Physical activity and practice nurtures the Quiet Inner You by releasing endorphins and providing you with the gratification that comes from seeing improvement in your abilities.

Athletic man standing in the gym beside a medicine ball. Close up of the lower half of a man working out in the gym.

Mental - Wearing the Brand That Reminds You To Stay Focused

No matter what you are working towards, your mental approach is going to determine whether you accomplish your goals, and how much fun you have along the way. Without the right mental approach, it’s easy to lose focus when the going gets hard. The Quiet Inner You encourages us to remain focused and resilient, and to always stick to the processes that will help us achieve our goals. We hope that every time you look down and see the Practice U logo on your chest or our accessories, it serves as a reminder to zone-in on what you want to accomplish and stay the course.

Latin american athlete running in Havana, Cuba and jumping from a high concrete step.

Emotional - Feeling Positive About Life and Life’s Outcomes

The Quiet Inner You — and your closeness to it — is greatly determined by your attitude and emotional state. When you lose touch with the Quiet Inner You, it’s easy to view your mistakes as major setbacks. The Quiet Inner You reminds us to accept setbacks as opportunities for learning and growth. Your commitment to maintaining a healthy emotional approach is key to turning self-examination into self-love and self-improvement. Let the athletic apparel from Practice U serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a healthy emotional state as you work to make yourself better.

A bunch of kids putting their hands in for a teamwork cheer.

Spiritual - Uplifting Others To Be a Light

Staying in touch with the Quiet Inner You has a positive effect on everyone you interact with. When you realize the immense power you hold and how you can use it to make positive changes in your life, you will naturally inspire others to do the same. Wearing your Practice U gear can serve as a daily reminder to stay in touch with the Quiet Inner You, and it signals to your friends, family, and teammates that you are there to support them in their self-improvement journey, too.


At Practice U, we’re proud to make an essential athletic apparel that keeps people in-touch with their Quiet Inner Self, and motivate them to turn “I can’t” into “I can.” Shop our online store to view all of our clothing and accessories. Order yours today!

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