Health, Fitness and Nutrition: Cancer Awareness Month


Before we dig into this health sensitive subject regarding cancer, I want to preface myself by saying that as a member of the Practice U staff, we do not claim the position of being medical experts. We are merely reporting what we have learned from researching what other medical experts have written. Having said that, in this final part of our 4-part series on health, fitness and nutrition, we want to take a look at dormant cancer cells that are asleep inside our body and look at the types of food that show signs of preventing cancer developing cells from surfacing within the body, better yet my body because it’s personal.

How Cancer Cells Grow

According to the researchers from the Canadian Cancer Society, and others such as the American Cancer Society and The World Cancer Research Fund, they all agree to the following.

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells grouped to form tissues and organs. Genes inside the nucleus of each cell tell it when to grow, work, divide and die. Normally, our cells follow these instructions and we stay healthy. But when there is a change in our DNA or damage to it, a gene can mutate. Mutated genes don’t work properly because the instructions in their DNA get mixed up. This can cause cells to divide and grow out of control, which can lead to cancer.

When genes work properly, they tell cells when it is the right time to grow and divide. When cells divide, they make exact copies of themselves. One cell divides into 2 identical cells, then 2 cells divide into 4 identical cells, and continues go on and on. In other words, cells normally grow and divide to make more cells only when the body needs them, such as to replace aging or damaged cells.

But cancer cells are different. Cancer cells have gene mutations that turn the cell from a normal cell into a cancer cell. These gene mutations may be inherited or develop over time as we get older. Genes also wear out, or develop if we are around something that damages our genes, like cigarette smoke, alcohol or ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.

A cancer cell doesn’t act like a normal cell. It starts to grow and divide out of control, instead of dying when it should. They also don’t mature as much as normal cells, so they stay immature. Although there are many different types of cancer, they all start because of cells that are growing abnormally and out of control.”

The question we have to ask ourselves is, what can I do to help remove the cancer cells out of my body when I go to the restroom to eliminate the toxic stuff from my intestinal tract, bloodstream and urinary tract.

3 Action Steps to Help Prevent Cancers to Grow

Most cancer researchers agree the first step eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, beans and drink lots of water daily will lower my risk of cancer. In other words, I need to say “No” to processed food like hot dogs, bacon, sausage, greasy fried food, sugar and salt in order to say goodbye to cancer developing cells. Secondly, I need to exercise on a regular basis. I need to avoid or limit myself of alcohol and finally give my body a fair amount of rest so that it can recharge and work for me daily. Third, I need to maintain a healthy weight as much as possible and avoid stress as much as possible. By being proactive and learning how to relax and train the mental and emotional components of our body to adjust with ease can be an attribute to rising above your circumstances. Each one of us are different. Whereas some will turn to the Father in Heaven to pray, read His scriptures and meditate on the reading, others will meditate with relaxing music, take up yoga or exercise. Bottom line is we all need to explore what works best for us individually.


In short, when I treat my body right, it will work with me and for me. However, eating healthy is a choice. At Practice U, we challenge our readers to do yourself a favor during this month of October aka Cancer Awareness Month. Consider practicing healthy eating habits and continue this practice throughout the month of November especially during Thanksgiving and December during the Christmas season. Don’t give up on clean eating, clean drinking, exercising and resting properly. After all, practice is where it all begins.

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