4 Uplifting Tips to Teach Your Child


At Practice U, we believe in inspiring kids to strive for excellence in their attitude, academics, athletics, the arts and any activity they may have an interest in pursuing. It's important to that all kids, teens, and young adults keep moving towards self-improvement as a result of consistent practice. That being said, here are our 4 uplifting tips to teach your child  daily and from week to week. In a nutshell, the more we practice, the better we become. Shop our youth apparel today!

Tip #1: Self-improvement

There is power and magic that takes place in the activity of practice. We can all identify with this, when we're learning something new. New experiences can create anxiety, fear, and doubt. However with a constant dose of  practice, prepare, and repeat, our confidence grows from day to day and week to week. This is what every kid at home and at school needs to feel from within. We believe, practice is the key to moving towards self-improvement.

Tips #2: Pursuit of Goals

Practice U encourages it's wearers to never give up on your goals and continue to present your best effort. Through the activity of constant practice, the results helps put an end to the phrase “I can’t.” It also helps to have some encouragement and a little bit of success to make it all possible. When wearing our brand, your child is reminded to stay in pursuit of their goals!

Tip #3: Healthy Lifestyle

Teaching kids to be aware of what they eat and drink to feed their mind and body is important. With a focus on clean nutrition and self-examination, we learn over time how clean nutrition is the beginning of preventing underlying health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and sugar diabetes. Our clothing brand is a constant reminder to your child living their healthiest lifestyle.

Tip #4: Self-Motivation

Sometimes, it can be daunting to remain self-disciplined and self-motivated. We often lose sight of what we are trying to attain, and with constant distractions like video gaming and other activities, staying focused can become a bit of a hurdle for kids. However, with inspirational messages of encouragement, our brand reminds your child to stay grounded when they listen to  our theme song,  The more I practice, practice, practice, the better I become, the better I become. 

As one can see, Practice U is more than just a clothing brand — it's a lifestyle brand! We encourage our wearers to constantly work toward a better self and always try their best. Ready to pass these amazing lessons onto your children? Shop our youth apparel and see how our clothing can keep your child stylish and motivated.